You Taught Us Well
The Legacy of Rhett Curtis Hering
The Hering children came into our lives at a time when we were charting a new season of unknowns, potential perils, and a silent throb of shifting uncertainty. For the first time in 23 years, we were not living in proximity to our own daughters. Texas was a long way from Colorado and our kids. But unknown to us, God had a gift for us.

Our love affair with Jimmy and Lorna Hering included some of the most beautiful little kids we had ever encountered. Ryan was a shy and quiet little boy. You could actually talk to him and have conversations as you would with an adult. Making him laugh was just the best. Mara was a newborn, and watching her develop and wake up to life everyday was mesmerizing. She was (and is) totally angelic in a multitude of ways. Then there was Rhett. The Rhett Jett was instant entertainment. You could give the boy a roll of duct tape and scissors and he might be outside for half a day in whatever world he was creating. Honestly, there was no way to ignore that kid. He sucked you in like a whirlpool. His world was Rhett World, and when you entered in with Rhett, it was powerful enough to change your life.

All three kids grew up in their own elements of grace. Although we could speak volumes of all three, for now we’ll conclude our thoughts towards Rhett. Rhett Curtis Hering was a lover-boy. Not the reckless kind, though. This was the default way he chose to live. He was tangible acceptance. No one was ever excluded. He loved easy; he told you and showed you that he loved you. Rhett was kind and gentle, peaceful and easy, wild and confident, humble and extravagant, and most of all, he embodied the honest values of which we could never be more proud.

We love and miss you, Rhett. Thank you for loving us so well. We are forever grateful for what you taught us.

Mike & Patti Paschall, Grandparents by proxy