The Initiative

The Rhett Revolution Initiative (RRI) is a collective idea borne from a simple challenge to show love to everyone and add value to everything you influence because you can and because it’s your vision for life. The prime components of love for others and love for our community provide the basis for RRI’s existence.

The Rhett Revolution, created to honor the uncommon life of Rhett Curtis Hering, is devoted to generate, subsidize and support youth-oriented projects that foster the overall enhancement of the Greater McGregor area and its citizens.

Anyone who really knew Rhett could easily see that he had a natural ease and way with young children. Not only that, but Rhett was also extremely compassionate and often showed a loving heart towards those who might otherwise be overlooked or unseen. It was not a quest or a mission. It was just the normal way that Rhett responded to people. A person who lives in that fashion usually becomes a source of inspiration for those of us who are paying attention.

Encouraged by Rhett’s example, the ultimate vision for RRI is for the ongoing development of gifts, projects and acts of service that benefit the people of McGregor and the surrounding area, primarily its children. RRI is committed to the research and deployment of capital fundraising projects that help support McGregor’s overall community development vision. The potential possibilities are endless for McGregor’s overall good.

A non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation known as The Rhett Revolution has been established and approved by the IRS.  Therefore, all donations to The Rhett Revolution are tax deductible.  A bank account has been established at Rocket Federal Credit Union.  Under the Articles of Incorporation, the account is overseen by a Treasurer and no funds can be withdrawn or spent without the signature of at least any two persons serving as Officers or Directors of the Revolution.

The Officers, Directors and other invited guests will hold meetings on a regular basis to discuss and make decisions about the direction of the Revolution and how it can best serve and provide compassion, love and resources to people in need.  Money will be spent as needed to fund the mission and projects of the Revolution and from time-to-time money will be raised to ensure the perpetual legacy of the Revolution.

Thank you in advance for your gifts and support to The Rhett Revolution.